Maximize your Investment: Let this $ 30 Sweater Dress from Target take you from Desk til Dawn

As a professional woman, its always hard to justify spending money on clothes that I won’t get a lot of use out of – i.e. casual wear. That’s why I tend to look for casual wear on sale racks, second hand stores and Target. Because what’s better than finding a cheap casual dress? A cheap casual dress that I can wear both in- and outside the office.

My best advice for choosing cheap dresses that can work for the office is to select pieces that cover you up as much as possible in neutral colors. If you are tall, opt for a looser fit to get the extra length an additional size provides. While you don’t want to swim in the piece, I prefer to err on the side loose over too tight.

Avoid pairing cream with your standard black tights, which can feel like too stark a contrast. Instead choose taupe tights and cognac boots. Subtle variations of tone are easier on the eye and make you look more put together. I love to infuse some colors, so I’d choose a colored blazer but another shade of cream and beige would work just as well.

To give this dress a festive feel for a night out on the town, I would choose accessories in rich hues of deep purple and royal red. What is your favorite color for winter?


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All Over Fashion Week: Plaid on Plaid is the New Plaid

If you’ve been following the frenzy of fashion week month around the globe, you might have noticed that last year’s super trend plaid has been elevated to a new level. Plaid on plaid is the last word on the street. And if you were already squeamish about sporting simple plaid to the office, I can only imagine how you must feel about plaid squared.

The keys to rocking this look at the office are subtlety and deflection. In plain English, pick a plaid in classic colors. Pair with clean lines, plain colors and conservative accessories. Finally, add one more very subtle plaid, like this nude colored plaid scarf from American Eagle

On the weekends, by all means: go nuts. Have fun with your plaids. Layer a checkered dress over a neon plaid workman’s shirt or tie a gingham shirt  as a “tube top” of sorts over another men’s shirt a la street style icon & Moda Operandi creative director Taylor Tomasi Hill. On that note, her Instagram feed as of late has been a great resource and inspiration for rocking plaid on plaid.

Also check out our original article on Forbes



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Zara dress $80 / J Crew blouse  $88/ 10 Crosby Derek Lam shawl collar tuxedo jacket $200 via Boutique1 / Marni tight $110 but really any other black tight will do / Aquatalia by Marvin K. aquatalia by marvin k boots $ $675 – try Nordstrom and Piperlime also for a great selection of Aquatalia boots / ASOS oxford brogues $84 / The Cambridge Satchel Company shoulder bag, $210 / American Eagle Outfitters scarve $25/ H M belt, $13
Ahhh Fridays. The day you can’t wait to scramble out of the office and make it to Happy Hour. Preferably without any detours. That’s why in this feature, we’ll show you how to take your work outfit from day to night, with only a few minor tweaks.

MBA Mondays: Should Women Still Apply to Harvard?


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According to this NY Times article – which lit up the Twitter-sphere and  flooded my minifeed last week – until recently – Harvard Business School provided a detrimental environment to its female students from non-wealthy backgrounds. What’s more, this article from a few days later, argued that it really was the behavior of a wealthy elite that made things uncomfortable. Oh good, I thought, that’ll make the average non-wealthy female applicant feel much more comfortable. It’s really not your gender – it’s your lack of wealth.


While I’m not going to effectively cover the entire content of the article in a short blog post, it got me thinking and I’d love to hear from readers about this:

- Are gender issues important to women when choosing a business school?
– Were these articles surprising to you?
– What were the most important factors when applying to school?

Actually, about that last one, how about a little poll but feel free to go into more detail in the comments? Anonymous posters are welcome for this post. Multiple choices (up to five) also welcome.

Struggling with applications? Not sure what to wear to on-campus recruitment events? Drowning in homework? Just need to vent? Is the ROI of an MBA worth it? If you’re anything like us, you’ll have lots of question surrounding the MBA. So on Mondays we’ll discuss anything and everything surrounding the MBA program.

Wearing Retro To Work: Not Just For Your Grandmother


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It is generally good policy to have your friends read over some of your stuff before you put it out there. They may not catch everything and somehow we all eventually manage to make fools of ourselves at some point, but it does help reduce the quantity of very obvious blunders. You see, our working title for this post was “Look Smashing In Graphic Prints and Mauve”. You say: “What? Who are these people that try to make me dress like Grandma” And you’d be right. That’s exactly what our friend said.

But fear not, imposing dowdiness on the professional workplace is not a secret mission of ours. Instead, here are our guidelines to getting it right. For work, balance anything that is commonly associated with being dated (graphic prints, mauve) with things that are very sharp or modern (fabulously tailored blazer, a great pair of high heels, a structured bag). On the weekend, juxtapose retro with items that have a certain generous je-ne-sais-quoi. That could be either a luxurious loose-knit sweater in a neutral color or a really sharp pair of high heeled boots in a great color. Or both.

Our personal favorite is belting a cream knit sweater over anything retro this fall. Readers, what are your suggestions for styling retro pieces?

Desk til Dawn


Tory Burch sheath dress $ 375/ Object Collectors Item button sweater, $67 / Rebecca Taylor blazer $ 450 / Brooks Brothers leather boots $ 600/ Zara shoes $ 100/ Accessorizesatchel handbag $ 62/ Yves Saint Laurent leather purse $ 3000 / BaubleBar stud earrings $ 40 / John Lewis scarve, $47 / Cognac belt $ 10
Ahhh Fridays. The day you can’t wait to scramble out of the office and make it to Happy Hour. Preferably without any detours. That’s why in this feature, we’ll show you how to take your work outfit from day to night, with only a few minor tweaks.

Wildcard Wednesday: White after Labor Day


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According to our recent poll, y’all would really like to get rid of Copy Cat Cool. Alright, we can take a hint. Going forward there’ll be a lot less of those. But, at least for this week I couldn’t resist copying this gorgeous outfit I saw someone wearing around recently. It was so simple and so ingenious that my instantaneous reaction was: Why’d I never think of THAT?

The secret to flooring me and spurring me into a loud exclamation in public? Well, white button down, textured cream/white/blush skirt plus bright pink heels. Why, I never….

Wildcard Wednesday: White After Labor Day

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