Boardroom Belles is a style & advice blog for career gals

Boardroom Belles was founded in 2012 by two young finance professionals, living and working away in the Big Apple.  In various columns, Parker & Posey strive to shed light and a transatlantic perspective on the working gal’s most common conundrums: How do I dress creatively in a corporate setting? How do I tell my boss I can’t work yet another long weekend? How the heck do I eat oysters with some sort of grace?

Posey hails from the South and is our etiquette aficionado – because unlike Parker she does have manners.  Frail and dainty Southern Belle that she is, she enjoys all those hobbies any 8-year old boy might enjoy and can swear like a truck driver, though she generally keeps it outside the office.  Besides her passion for her family, friends and work, she has developed an unhealthy obsession with all things blue and coral and reads an indecent amount of blogs on a daily basis.

Parker sailed over from the Old Continent and is our media enthusiast – because unlike Posey, she gets excited over the Tech Oscars and unshowered indie bands. Strong-jawed European that she is, she cultivates a glass-half-empty kind of sarcasm and is prone to creative cursing in her passwords.  Besides her love for early conference calls and time spent with her nearest & dearest, she detests coral and organizes her life in an obscene number of spreadsheets.

Parker & Posey met in the workplace and instantly bonded over their shared love of office fashion, bad serial literature and test prep.  Often exchanging helpless glances at some of the outfit choices they encountered on the street and in the office, they decided to write a blog about how it is done – or at least how they would do it, if they could run the world.  Which they are sure is someday soon.

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. I really love this site. You gals are doing a really great job of capturing what’s young and current yet what’s reasonably affordable and really professional looking. Great job. I look forward to more posts. Maybe you can add things like job tips, ideas on how to advance, certifications and such that help get us to the next level. Great blog to booster women. We all need to stick together. Love it!!!

  2. Thanks so much Lisa, we appreciate the feedback and support. Is there any specific question you have about how to advance, certifications or getting to the next level? We’d love to tailor a post specifically to your questions. Maybe tell us a bit about your background so we can provide better info. Send us your question to boardroombelles@googlemail.com or just ask away here.

  3. Really fun site. Very nicely done.
    Can I challenge you? What would you suggest to wear for an office outdoor activity in – dare I say it – nature?

    • Of course! We love a challenge. Is this a general question or do you have more specific information:
      – Type of Company
      – Type of Event (is it just outdoors or are you doing lifting/climbing)
      – Might you get wet?
      – Weather (Climate, Season)
      – Dress Code in your Office Otherwise
      – Type of Nature (Meadow, Mountains, Rain Forest)


      • Hi again,
        great that you’re up for a challenge. Picture an outdoor event in a mountain/forest surrounding, colleagues 80% male and quite hands-on. Normal dress code is formal, but not necessarily with a tie, casual on Fridays.
        No climbing, but HR makes comments about “fun games”. How should a girl look pulled together, appropriately outdoorsy, but still professional?
        Looking forward to your recommendations!

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