Tuesday Treasures: Dior Extase Mascara


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Problem skin, transatlantic flights, long work hours, humid climates, caffeinated beverages the size of mid-sized swimming pool  – they all can wreak havoc on your healthy glow. Here are our favorite tips and products for looking as put together and healthy as possible – even when life gets hectic and mobile. 

4-hour nights and long plane rides can make your outlook less than bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed. A healthy dose of Mascara can make you appear more awake than you really are – at least for a certain amount of time.

Whether you need to shell out roughly $ 30 for a tube of mascara depends largely on the lashes you were born with in my opinion. Those gifted with curved, long lashes – who mainly need mascara to add a bit of color, can get away with really cheap mascara. Those with extremely fine (prone to glueing), short and straight lashes may want to invest a bit more in their formula to gain those few extra millimeters. Guess what section I fall in?

On top of my short, light and straight lashes I also have extremely sensitive skin around my eyes plus hyperactive sebaceous glands. Translate: Cheap mascara doesn’t do much for me other than give me racoon eyes around mid-day and red, inflamed skin around my eyes come cleansing time. I’d largely given up on using mascara except for very special occasions when Posey let me borrow her Dior tube. Not only did my lashes look longer, but for the first time they also weren’t suffering from immediate clumpiness. And yes, that’s an official term. What’s more this mascara comes off easily – and more importantly WHEN I want it to. Not around mid-day.

So, my verdict? If mascara never really worked for you for some of the reasons described above – try this one. If you’ve always had fabulously long lashes, you can probably do without the marginal cost of name brand mascara.

MBA Mondays: What do you do when there is just not enough time?


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Struggling with applications? Not sure what to wear to on-campus recruitment events? Drowning in homework? Just need to vent? Is the ROI of an MBA worth it? If you’re anything like us, you’ll have lots of question surrounding the MBA. So on Mondays we’ll discuss anything and everything surrounding the MBA program.

In undergrad, I often felt the only reason I didn’t get some of my work done was because I didn’t devote enough time to well, uuhm, actually working. However, in grad school, that can be a different ball game – especially in business school. Many programs are designed for exactly that – throw more work at you than you can legitimately handle – even before deciding to carve out any time for yourself. I’m sure this topic will come up a lot, but what are some of your best strategies for prioritization?


For those of you, who haven’t seen this, I highly recommend Randy Pausch’s lecture on Time Management.

Clip of the Week: KitKat 4.4


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One Word. Clever.

I just wish there were a student discount.

Copy Cat Cool – Jessie J in White, Grey and Orange


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For a bit of fun towards the end of the work week, we’ll show you how to twist a trendy outfit into a totally appropriate office stunner.

Loved this fresh, crisp color combination on Jessie J and thought it’d be worthy of an office appropriate equivalent.

Copy Cat Cool - Jessie J.

A L C calf length pencil skirt
$255 – theoutnet.com

Nina Armando kitten heel slingback
$145 – theiconic.com.au

River Island colorblock purse
$62 – riverisland.com

Reed Krakoff pocket purse
$ 1204 farfetch.com

C. Wonder bamboo earrings
$ 20 cwonder.com

Tie Ups tie belt
$ 59 yoox.com

Ask BRBs: Where can I find Drew Barrymore’s top?


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Dear BRBs, 
I saw this cute outfit on Drew Barrymore a few weeks back and really love the pattern of her top. Could you recommend a few work appropriate alternatives or is the pattern too infantile to wear to work? 
                    Polka Dot Lover
Dear Polka Dot Lover,
in my opinion, you can absolutely wear this to work. Just make sure you pair it with classic, clean line piecces if your work environment is very conservative. A dark navy suit may be best if you are in banking. I’ll also show you more alternatives tomorrow on how to style this item but for now look below for a few options of different versions of the top. Forgive me, prices are displayed in Euros but these tops are from international stores with shipping to the U.S. and U.S. stores.
You could also check out this Forbes article, where we used one of the pieces in a casual and business setting.
Best, Parker
Ask BRBs Drew Barrymore's Top

Navy gingham shirt
€140 – lagarconne.com

Tucker silk blouse
€215 – farfetch.com

Great Plains blouse
€24 – the-dressingroom.com

White top
€38 – simplybe.co.uk

Stella Mccartney Sarah Blouse
€83 – stellamccartney.com

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